Golf Lessons & Golf Events

  • All Ages & Abilities Welcome
  • Group/Private Lessons for Men, Women & Youth, Differently Abled, Beginner through Professional
  • Clinics Available
Typical Instruction Includes
  • Grip
  • Posture
  • Stance
  • Aim
  • Ball Position

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Photograph by Terri Coldreck
Thanks isn't enough...but it is all I can come up with.
You made my summer fun and stimulating, not only because you introduced me to the joy of the game of golf but because you made me see the possibilities of a full and active life. I learned to set up for a golf shot reasonably well, but I also learned how to make myself and my interests a priority. I learned from you what it means to have weight transfer but I also learned how to breathe and enjoy the moment. I learned how to take back the golf club, to stop the old head movement, to hold the shot...but I also learned to just have fun and play the game. What a difference you have made and please know how much I appreciate much I miss our time much I miss your intoxicating laugh.
You are a special person coach and I am your biggest fan. Since being out there "on my own" I have continued to play, I try to stay calm and enjoy myself and have had a few scores in the 90's (of course more in the 100+!).I am sure by the time I get back next year I will have picked up lots of bad habits and I will give you lots to work on. In the meantime have a wonderful fall, winter and spring and know you are special and in my thoughts and prayers for your happiness. John